Monday, October 31, 2011

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  • Use your insurance discounts to pay for your GPS Tracking System

    With GPS fleet tracking, the ability to instantly locate all of your fleet vehicles isn’t the only benefit you’ll enjoy. You’ll also qualify for an insurance discount for each vehicle in the fleet, depending on your carrier and state. In some cases, the discount can substantial, up to 33%. Discounts vary by state, but those insurance carriers and their approximate discounts are:
    AAA Insurance: up to 18%
    AIG Insurance: up to 15%
    Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL)
    ALFA Insurance (AL): up to 10%
    Farmers Insurance: up to 15%
    Fireman’s Fund: up to 5%
    Geico: up to 10%
    Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance (GA): up to 15%
    Mutual: up to 25%
    Mercury Insurance: up to 30%
    Nationwide Insurance (CA): up to 10%
    Progressive Insurance: up to 15%
    Safeco Insurance: up to 10%
    USAA Insurance: up to 33%
    21st Century Insurance: up to 15%
    Some states mandate an insurance discount for vehicles equipped with GPS fleet tracking devices. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, those states are:
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    Rhode Island
    It makes good sense for an insurance carrier to offer lower premiums on vehicles with GPS fleet tracking units installed. The devices greatly increase the odds that a lost or stolen vehicle will be recovered, thus saving the carrier significant sums of money for replacing or repairing those vehicles.
    Because you’ll be able to see where each vehicle is in real time on a familiar Google Map, you’ll know immediately if one is somewhere it’s not supposed to be. You even can be alerted by text message or email if a vehicle strays outside a predetermined polyfence you create on your PC. At the very least, you’ll know the last place a vehicle was tracked by GPS if it is stolen.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

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    Affordable Fleet and Asset GPS tracking products from GPS Track USA, allow users to effortlessly and in real-time locate their Fleet, Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment, and other assets across our North American data network. Our industry defining equipment, world class infrastructure, and award winning customer service, gives you the reliability you deserve, while providing a comprehensive GPS tracking solution that is easy to use and affordable to own.